You can become a reseller of our apps once you have installed one of our enterprise editions to one of customers. 

You'll get listed in our reseller directory on our homepage. 
When selling our apps as a reseller you'll have to charge your customer directly and you'll have to buy our apps on behalf of your customer. You can charge your customer whatever you think is appropriate - but keep in mind that there are other resellers out there.

Managing your clients 
You'll see all your subscriptions in the Market on the Subscriptions tab. Please enter the domain info for each subscription carefully to be able to identify the subscription for your clients easily.

You'll get a reseller discount based on the number of your customers:

 Level  Customers  Discount
 Rookie  1  -
 Iron  2  10%
 Bronze  5  20%
 Silver  10  30%
 Gold  25  40%
 Platinum  100  50%