This page will not describe how to subscrube and install our applications, but it explains how you can add the Market itself to your Google Apps environment.

You can install our Market from the Google Apps Marketplace. 
This will add the Market to your navigation menu and you can jump to the market right from any Google App supporting the universal navigation bar.

Installation types
We offer two different types of applications:
  • Hosted applications
Hosted applications run on Google's infrastructure and we take care of managing the resources.
It is simple to subscribe to hosted applications as you just have to pay the usage fee and you are done

  • Dedicated applications
You can install dedicated applications like our "Shared Groups" on Google App Engine yourself. 
This will give you full control over the access rights to the stored data, but it require a more complex installation procedure.
You'll also have to take care that your application on Google App Engine will not run out of quota.