Frequently Asked Questions
We have picked some of the most frequently asked questions from our Google group and assembled this page. Please check if your question is answered here before posting to our group.
  • I've installed a major update, but the application still shows the old version
    Please login to Google App Engine either at<YOURDOMAIN>
    depending on where you've installed your dedicated app.
    Select Versions on the left and mark the new major version as default.

  • I've logged in to the Market but I cannot see my subscription
    You've logged in with a different account than the one you've used to install the app in the first place.
    Please make sure that you login exactly with the same Google or Google Apps account that you have used initially.
    If you cannot find your subscription even after trying with all of your different accounts you can send us a support request.

  • I cannot login, single-sign-on is not enabled
    Please enable single-sign-on in your Google Apps domain.
    Go to Advanced tools...

    ...and enable Federated Login using OpenID